AIOStream review by a user who used Spotify Version for 2 years

  • 1. Is AIOStream useful?
  • 2. Is AIOStream safe for my Spotify accounts?
  • 3. AIOStream ‘s pros and cons.


  • 1. Is AIOStream useful?

This software is generally useful. But not for everyone. If you can do the following, this software can help you get streams and make money.

   1) Find some reliable proxies.

2) Have enough patience to run your music and to solve some updates.

3) Do not give up. Ask AIOStream staff when you have problems.


If you can do the above points, you can use the AIOStream, and finally you can get the royalties from Spotify. I encountered many people who just want to get payment without hard working. As for me, I got trouble and I solved them, and I keep going on my business.

AIOStream can work and increase streams, accounts and proxy is the basic. I used 500 accounts and proxies. And I earned my royalty.


  • 2. Is AIOStream safe for my Spotify accounts?

Generally speaking, as long as you bind proxies to run task; it is safe. Spotify’s detection is sensitive. So we have to use user-friendly operating software. For example, don’t use 100 accounts to play 1 track link at the same time. You can set track, playlist or other links to shuffle and set keywords to search and play, and so on. AIOStream is very powerful. You can combine to use different kinds of tasks.


  • 3. Pros and Cons of AIOStream.


1). The Latest anti-fingerprint technology

2). Instant online support

When I have questions or need help, I can easily find them on WhatsApp and Telegram. I also used other software who provided only email support, not good. 

3). Good technology support

After I reported a bug, they updated the software very fast. What's the best, I can see the update logs from their website and in software. 

4). Powerful software with many play modules to select from.

I can select tasks such as playing a playlist, searching play, playing accounts’ own liked songs, playing music by position, and so on.

5) . Humanized settings: all settings based on real clicks and streams obtained by human operations.



1). It will take some time to compare to select a good proxy to run the tasks.

2). Some sites do not have mobile streams, such as Apple music. While Spotify and Amazon have a mobile stream software called StreamTrigger which can play songs on Mobile.