Music Streams Software AIOStream Review

There are many music streaming software on the market, and the quality of various software is also uneven. This time I will evaluate a music software I used before---AIOStream.

Today's AIOStream has been updated to the fifth generation, and the interface has also undergone great changes. AIO has two interfaces, a simple interface and a complex interface. The simple interface is to import accounts, play songs, etc. This interface is suitable for those who are not very good at using computers. Another interface is more complicated. This complex interface can effectively manage accounts, as well as some more advanced functions, such as playing different tasks, setting fingerprints and proxies, etc. Of course, as long as you buy this software, you can switch between these two interfaces at will. If you find complex functions difficult, you can use the simple interface.

Simple Version Interface

Multi-function Version Interface

About AIOStream’s Best Result

I have been insisting on using AIOStream, using a lot of accounts, and each account is bound to a proxy. After some accounts play for a period of time, they switch to another batch of accounts. Finally got paid.

Functions of AIOStream

1. Auto-play Songs by Keyword Search.

AIOStream can play playlists, tracks, albums and artists by searching for custom keywords and combining fuzzy keywords and specific keyword searches. It realizes anthropomorphic operation very well, which can be like a person searching for songs and listening.

2. Customized Playback Settings.

Before running the task, AIOStream can set the song playback time, the playback interval of each account, the playing order of URLs and the number of times the account plays. Set the playback template flexibly according to the needs to better meet the needs of different people.

3. Humanized Auto-save/play playlist/album.

AIOStream will auto-save your playlist, album with the function of chance which can set the opening rate of each running task. It will save randomly, instead of all being saved, with more user-friendly settings. It makes everything more organic like a real user.

4. Get Followers/Listeners by Auto-following.

In the process of playing songs, AIOStream will automatically follow the artist of the song, thus greatly increasing the artist's followers and listeners. The number of followers can be controlled by setting the user's follow probability and the user-friendly operation prevents suspicion.

Features of AIOStream

1. Smart data manager function

2. Supports popular music streaming platforms, e.g., Spotify, SoundCloud, Napster, Pandora, Tidal, iHeartRadio, and Deezer, and so on.

3. The latest anti-fingerprint technology beats the detection algorithms on Spotify and other streaming sites.

4. Task schedule function

5. Dedicated accounts manager

6. Account limit & task statistic functions

7. Pricing: starting from $147.00/ month

To sum up, AIOStream is a very good software, which requires users to carefully study how to use it. As long as you work hard, you will definitely get a good result.