AIOStream Review-For Me the Best Software for My Music at This Moment

For me AIOStream works, I have it running at the time I need it to. Maybe there is other software out there with bigger capacity. But saying AIOStream doesn’t work at all and is a scam is false. They make weekly updates fixing things that break because of Spotify, etc. 

But it isn’t something that runs out of the box. You need to figure out what proxies to use, get accounts, and configure everything correctly. And from the picture I have got, it is a big team/company creating and maintaining all their products. Not one scammer.

I am not affiliated with them, but I think you can probably get it working if you try a bit more.

AIOStream can work well on playing songs, and gaining followers & likes. The must thing to run it is proxy and account. There are two ways to get music site accounts, one is to buy ready-made accounts from account sellers from google search. The other way is to create accounts just using AIOStream.  I find it is very convenient to use the software to generate bulk accounts on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, etc. Moreover, as long as the computer is powerful enough, AIOStream has no limit, you can run as many accounts as you want at the same time. It is a powerful bot as long as you spend your time doing it. The support service will handle all of your questions as you ask them.

Besides proxies, I had to buy an API key (which can solve Captcha), I recharged just 5 dollars and it helped me to solve about 800-1000 captchas automatically. The most difficult thing is to get a GOOD proxy. The support gives me some suggestions when choosing proxies. I selected a good proxy supplier finally after comparing several providers. 

What’s more, software can just help you play your songs quickly and a lot to get traffic. When running the task, try to imagine how a normal person would play the song. Then go to set up the bot. In this way, you can run the software better and make your own profit. For example, no one will be playing the same song 24 hours a day. So we need to switch between different songs when setting, you can search for keywords, you can add likes and play your favorite songs, etc.

All in all, it is to play your own songs more anthropomorphically.

Only you can really study how to get traffic, and don’t give up easily. to be able to profit.

My suggestion is: 

1. DON'T stream from playlists and rotating proxies. If you have a family plan you need to bind those 6 accounts to the same IP address.

2. Combine track links, album links and playlist links to play.

3. If you have more budget, use a mobile stream generator together with AIOStream.

4. If you need many payable streams during a short time, you have to add in more songs. If you are just streaming one album or a few songs you are going to get pulled immediately.

Attached is the result that I have recently.