How to get Apple Music royalties by AIOStream

AIOStream is a music stream bot that can increase music's streams, followers and likes. It is useful for Apple music artists. Many individual artists will be hard to run their music, while AIOStream supports a chance to be successful. Let us say, how to start this business.

1. Get accounts and proxies

2. Learning to use AIOStream

3. Functions of AIOStream

4. Waiting to get revenue

◆Get accounts and proxies

If you can get many apple music accounts, it will be helpful. You can use these accounts to play your music. In this way, you also need to buy some proxies and bind a proxy to each account. In addition, another way is to share your songs, or tasks through the AIOstream platform. Allow other artists to listen to your songs, and these people will also get corresponding points. They also share their tasks. This way each artist can help the other.

◆Learn to use AIOStream

The AIOStream team will help each user to solve the problem. This software has instruction manuals and video tutorials. Usually, there is a problem and there is online customer service to help answer questions. Users can download remote computer connection tools such as Ultra viewer, Teamviewer, etc. The customer service will give you a demonstration or check the problem directly. You need to learn to use the software carefully and seriously in order to achieve the purpose you want.

◆Functions of AIOStream

You can choose all the settings yourself, set the link you want to play, set the duration of the song to play, create a playlist, keyword search functions, and more. These settings can help you get traffic and play your songs more realistically.

◆Waiting to get revenue

A lot of my friends are like me, and they all end up getting paid well. Many thanks to the AIOStream team for their help.